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Magnify, amplify and intensify your masculinity with our premium American made beard oil!

Toxic Masculinity uses all natural oils that promote growth and strengthen your beard against the toughest elements. It works to make your beard full and shiny while moisturizing the skin and softening your beard to prevent itch. Toxic Masculinity has a rugged, carnal scent that women find irresistible.  

Toxic Masculinity - Bachelor Pack (1 bottle)

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are you man enough?


It's time you show the world what you're made of. Embrace your toxicity and enhance your masculinity. GO WILD MAN!

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Our products help you preserve, protect and intensify everything that makes you a man. All balls, no boundaries.

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Don't yet have a beard? Become a man and grow one. Promote the growth of your beard with Toxic Masculinity, our superior, American made beard oil.

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Women can't grow beards. Don't be a woman. Grow a beard!

Who We Are

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Born and raised in the USA, just like our products. We believe in America and strive to provide the highest quality products to the American male.

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We are family owned small business based in Lexington Kentucky. Our customers are part of our family and we always put family first. That means you!

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Our mission is to provide the American male with unique products tailored to his specific needs. While other's pander to the mob, we strive to serve real men.


ALL NATURAL! Our products are all natural and use only the best ingredients. We take pride in making our products, and we want you to take pride in using them.

AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE! Our products are made in the USA, using local suppliers and producers. No fakes, knock offs or gutter oil here!

FREE SHIPPING! The price you see is the price you pay. We do not charge shipping on any order, no matter how big or small.

Toxic Masculinity - Bro Split (4 bottles)

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"It's the best beard oil I've ever tried and I've tried them all!"

-Sean M., Fiber Technician

"I bought Toxic Masculinity for my husband. He smells so damn good I can't resist him!"

- Laura M., Sandwich Artist

"I have a wild beard and Toxic Masculinity always makes it look stellar!"

- Adam B., IT Engineer

"The all natural oils protect your beard during the toughest of jobs!

- John P., Welder

"I rub it on my skin, so it'll be moist again. Works great!"

- Chris B., Project Manager

"My beard stays shiny and full using Toxic Masculinity, but the female attention I receive now is almost too much!"

David B., Distiller